Salsomaggiore thermal baths

Salsomaggiore thermal baths

The Salsomaggiore Baths were founded at the beginning of the 19th century by doctor-in-chief Lorenzo Berzieri, who believed in the therapeutic benefits of its salsobromoiodic water.

They were formed in the Miocene and remained trapped and preserved for millions of years. The water has a salt content five times that of the Mediterranean, amplifying its therapeutic benefits.  

The waters are extracted and separated from the mud in special tanks for decanting and then follow their path to the treatment departments. An exclusive product is obtained from the ancient seawater, the Acqua Madre, which is obtained by concentrating the salsobromoiodic water. Pharmacologically active, it has powerful germicidal, anti-inflammatory, soothing and relaxing effects.

The Baths are recommended for sufferers of respiratory problems but also vascular, orthopaedic and rheumatological disorders and people interested in physical fitness.

Spa treatments are a right recognised by the health reform that allows everyone to use any spa they like. In fact, through a simple request signed by your doctor, you can access the chosen spa facility. The ticket, if due, is paid at the spa itself.

Treatments start on any day of the week in the spas (open all year) without booking.



Rheumatoid conditions
Osteoarthritis and other degenerative forms, extra-articular rheumatism


12 mud baths + 12 baths or 12 therapeutic baths

Adnexitis, pelvic inflammations, hysterectomy, salpingitis, metritis, oophoritis, secondary sterility following surgery


12 Vaginal irrigations with baths

Respiratory (A)
Vasomotor, allergic rhinitis, chronic pharyngitis, chronic sinusitis and chronic bronchial rhinosinusitis syndromes


24 inhalation treatments

Respiratory (B)
Chronic bronchitis, COPD., bronchiectasis, Chronic asthmatic pulmonary disease


12 pulmonary ventilation and 18 inhalation treatments

Tubal stenosis, rhinogenic hearing loss, secretory otitis media, catarrhal otitis


Specialist consultation + audiometric examination 12 endotympanic insufflations + 12 inhalation treatments

Chronic phlebopathy after-effects, Chronic venous insufficiency, lower limb varicose veins, after-effects of peripheral vascular surgery

12 ozone baths with hydromassage + doppler + ECG + 6 lab tests

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