Well worth a visit, the Emilian town offers monuments, churches (Steccata, Duomo and Baptistery), art galleries (Pilotta), and museums (the archaeological one with collections of Roman busts and the f ..


  The provinces of Parma and Piacenza offer a remarkable and fabulous heritage of fortresses and manors to be visited. In the vicinity of Salsomaggiore we find Castell'Arquato, GrazzanoVisconti ..


Busseto, a small town in the lower Parma area, is rich in history and traditions. From the Pallavicini to the Farnese, the city experienced years of intense cultural and civil life. In this lively con ..


A city of art and culture on the Via Francigena, Fidenza is the largest centre in the province, after Parma. The city was built on the ruins of the Roman Julia Fidentia. In the seventh century, when t ..


Piacenza, like Parma of Roman origin, maintains its tidy and clean imprint typical of the foundations of the Latin population, even if the following centuries have left an indelible mark on the palace ..


Sabbioneta was founded in the sixteenth century in the province of Mantova. Thanks to its advanced defensive structure, it looked like a fortress. The two squares (Piazza d'Armi and Piazza Ducale) are ..

Ducal Castles

The circuit of the castles offers many possibilities for tourist and food and wine itineraries, concerts and medieval evenings and themed banquets. The circuit of the castles offers many possibilities ..